Understanding Text Messages in Tradify

Boasting open rates of 98% compared to email (28%), sending text messages out of Tradify is a smart way to get your customers to see and respond to important information. 


Get your quotes viewed quicker, speed up payments and elevate your customer communication levels with Tradify text messages. 



What can I send Text Messages out of Tradify for?


You can send text messages out the Tradify’s web app for the below.

(Click on the link to learn more about how text messages work for each feature).


How Do I Activate Text Messages In My Account?

  1. On the ‘Settings’ dashboard in the web app, go to the ‘Subscription & Billing’ section.
  2. Under the ‘Text Messages’ section, toggle on ‘Enable text messages'. 



Where Is This feature available?


Text Messages are currently available to Tradify customers operating in: 

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The United Kingdom
  • United States of America (Mainland USA and Hawaii)


How Much Does It Cost To Send Text Messages?

  • $0.20 AUD in Australia
  • $0.20 NZD New Zealand
  • £0.10 GBP the United Kingdom
  • $0.08 USD in Mainland USA and Hawaii


Note: Prices are per text message sent and are subject to change.

Will I Be locked Into Any Contracts?
No, you can turn Text Messages ON & OFF at your own discretion. You can also specify which situations you would like to send Text Messages for eg: Quotes & Invoices only or Appointment reminders only.


What Phone Number Will The Text Message Be Sent From?

The text message your customer receives will come from a 4 digit number - this number cannot be responded to.

Your business name will appear in the message as well as the words “do not respond” to help prevent your customers from replying to the message. 


Can I Change What The Text Message Says?

No, currently Tradify’s text messages are templated and cannot be customised. If you have specific feedback on the content of these messages please email support@tradifyhq.com and we will pass it through to our product team. 

How will I know if customers have seen my quotes & invoices?

If you customers click the link attached to your text messages, you will be able to see if they have viewed your documents in your Tradify Activity Log.

Can my customers accept the quote or estimate from their mobile devices?

Yes! Customers simply need to open the link from their text and then they'll be able to accept, decline, and comment on your quotes. Any actions taken by your customers will appear in your activity log.



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