Automated Text Reminders for Quotes in Tradify

Learn more about how to send Quote Reminders via Text Message in Tradify. For more information on Tradify's Text Messaging feature, check out our article on Text Messages in Tradify.

Sending Quote Text Reminders

Automated quote text reminders will be sent for quotes that are pending a response and marked as sent. Here's how to enable text reminders on quotes:

  1. Open the quote you want to enable reminders for.
  2. Scroll down until you see Quote Reminders
  3. Enable text reminders by sliding the toggle on, and selecting your customer and/or site number you want the text reminders sent to.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.



Timing & Message Content

Quote Reminder texts contain the following message:

"Hi, friendly reminder to review your quote [document_url] from [companyname]. Do Not Reply."
Up to 3 text reminders will be sent:
  • 7 days after send date.
  • 14 days after send date.
  • 3 days before expiry date.

The timing and messages for text reminders are currently fixed and cannot be customised.  

Turning Off Quote Text Reminders

If you want Tradify to stop sending automated quote reminders, you can do this from Quote Settings:

  1. On the Settings dashboard, go to the Quotes section.


  2. Under the Text Message Reminders section, click the toggle to disable text reminders.
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