Understanding Text Messages in Tradify

Learn more about Tradify's SMS feature and how you can use it to:

Text Message Regions

You can send text messages in the following regions:

  • Australia ($0.20 AUD)
  • New Zealand ($0.20 NZD)
  • United Kingdom (£0.10 GBP)
  • Mainland USA and Hawaii  ($0.08 USD)

    Note: Prices are per SMS sent and are subject to change.

Activating Text Messages

  1. On the Settings dashboard, go to the Subscription & Billing section.
  2. Under the text messages section, toggle on ‘Enable text messages'. 


Pricing, Invoicing & History Report

  • Pricing — The price per text will be displayed in the text reminders section of your Subscription and Billing settings. You'll be charged for each text successfully sent.
  • Invoicing — Accumulated charges for text messages will appear as a single line item on your Tradify subscription invoice.
  • History Report — You can download a CSV file with details on each text sent from your Tradify account, including date and time sent, mobile number sent to, content, and status (sent or not sent).


Text Messages on Tradify Mobile

You can also contact customers from the mobile app, to send a text to let a customer know you're on your way or you've completed the job and departed and more. 

Read more about How to Contact Customers on Tradify Mobile here


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