Managing and Tracking Opportunities in Tradify


If you're looking for an effective way to manage and track the progress of opportunities, Tradify provides a solution by integrating these into your job management process. This knowledge base article outlines how to utilise jobs to manage the quote or tender process for opportunities and enquires, as well as how to track the time spent on these processes.


Creating a Custom Job Status for Opportunities & Enquires

To streamline your opportunity management, we recommend creating a dedicated Job Status called "Opportunities & Enquires." Follow these steps:

1. Access Job Settings: Navigate to "Settings" in Tradify.

2. Custom Job Status: Under "Job settings," select "Job Statuses."

3. Create "Opportunities & Enquires" Status: Add a new Job Status called "Opportunities & Enquires." Assign this status to any new "Quote/Opportunity" Jobs that you create.

By creating a custom Job Status, you gain the flexibility to exclude jobs with this status from your active jobs list. This ensures that opportunities and enquires won't clutter your current workload.

Utilising Job Categories for Sales Cycle Tracking

For enhanced organisation, you can create selection options under an existing "Job Category" to mirror your sales cycle stages. Here's how:

1. Access Job Categories: Under "Settings," navigate to "Job Settings," and select "Job Categories #1 or #2."

2. Create Sales Cycle Categories: Define selection options that align with your sales cycle stages. This makes it easy for you or your sales team to track which stage each opportunity is at.

Tracking Time Spent on Tender Process

If you need to track the time spent on the tender process, Tradify offers a convenient method by using jobs. To track this time without charging the customer, consider creating a Billing Rate with a zero charge-out rate. This rate can be used for the time entries related to the tender process.

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