Guide to Using the Tradify Mobile app to manage my Schedule, Time tracking, Job, Quotes and Invoices

Remember, your Tradify Mobile App looks different to the Web interface. Many of the settings for your Tradify features can only be edited on the Web app. The settings in your Mobile App mainly cover tailoring your Mobile experience. 


What your Tradify Mobile App Settings page looks like.


My Information

The first tab you'll see on the Mobile App is the My Information section. Here, you can edit your company and contact details.




You can customise which notifications you'll receive in the Notifications section. Simply select the Notifications tab and change the notification toggles.

There are two types of notifications within Tradify's Mobile App. There are the In-App Notifications and Email Notifications.




Location Tracking

Using features like the Map means you'll need to allow Tradify access to location tracking services. If you want to conserve battery by reducing tracking, simply go into the settings and switch the toggle as needed.



Privacy and Security

Tradify has extra security measures to protect your work.

You can choose to block sensitive information in our Privacy and Security settings when allowing customers to use your Mobile App (you may need to do this to collect signatures for Quotes or other documentation).

In this section, you can also change your password as needed. Additionally, you can add a PIN entry upon reactivation of the app. 


For more information on some of our security settings, take a look at our Tradify and GDPR and Using Two-Step Security in Tradify articles.


Managing Enquiries on Mobile

On the Tradify Mobile App, you can easily create, edit and manage Enquiries. Select the Enquiries tab and you'll see two sections on the Enquiries dashboard: To Do and Done



If you've selected an Enquiry, you can view their full Enquiry, contact your potential customer and view their location. 

Selecting the Enquiry Actions brings up an options menu where you can action the enquiry. You'll have the following options:

  • Copy to Job
  • Copy to Quote
  • Copy to Invoice
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Mark as Rejected
  • Mark as Actioned 
  • Delete Enquiry 

This makes the process of managing customer data much easier as you can easily link all JobsInvoices and Quotes to a Customer and their original Enquiry.

You can read more about our Enquiries tool as a whole on our Getting Started with Tradify Enquiries and Using the Enquiries Feature on Tradify's Mobile App articles.


Quoting on Mobile

With Tradify's Mobile App, you can access our Quotes feature in various ways. You can access Quotes on the Home Dashboard, through the Mobile Jobs dashboard and in the Quotes tab in the bottom navigation toolbar.

When adding a new Quote, you will need to link the quote to a Customer. You would add in details as per creating a Quote on the Tradify Web App.


What a blank quote looks like in the Tradify Mobile App.


Jobs on Mobile

Creating Jobs on the Mobile App can be done in a variety of ways. The Mobile section of our How to create Jobs on Tradify article explains the various ways to do this, but the main ways are through:

  • the App Dashboard
  • the Scheduler
  • the Job Dashboard
  • a Customer Profile.

Watch this short video on how you can create Jobs on the Mobile App through the Scheduler feature.

When viewing your Jobs, there are four main categories on the Mobile App:

  • Today: Jobs that you're scheduled on for today.
  • New: New Jobs in the Tradify system.
  • Active: Jobs that are In Progress or incomplete.
  • All: A master dashboard of all Jobs.


The Tradify Mobile App Job Dashboard. You can select the tab and further filter your results. Additionally, you can search for Jobs.

Viewing a specific Job on Tradify allows you to access most of the features you use on the Web Version. You can also directly contact the Customer via the prompt buttons and navigate to their location if needed.


What your Job Dashboard looks like on the Tradify Web App. 


Using the Mobile Scheduler

Scheduling Time on Tradify's Mobile App is simple and the scheduler looks and feels similar to the Web version. 

Viewing your scheduler on the Tradify mobile app has either Day or Week views. You can filter Staff Members, jump to a certain date or jump to your current day. If you have the correct access, you can view all your Staff Members in the same coloured labels as on the Web version. 


A typical Scheduler covering multiple team members in the Tradify Mobile App.


This short video shows how you can create Jobs within Tradify's Mobile Scheduler.


Using Timesheets on Mobile

You can easily add Timesheet entries in the Tradify mobile app in a variety of ways. These ways include:

  • Using the Job Timer within the Job Dashboard
  • Entering time in the Time section of the Job Dashboard
  • Creating entries in the Timesheets tab

When entering in a timesheet entry, you can link the entry to a job (to create billable time) and enter any relevant notes. 


What a blank Timesheet entry looks like on the Tradify mobile app.


Invoicing on Mobile

You can invoice on-site and on the go with the Tradify Mobile App. There are various ways to create Invoices in the Mobile App, including:

  • Creating an Invoice from the App Dashboard
  • Under the Invoice section of the Job Dashboard 
  • In the Invoices tab in the navigation bar
  • From a Quote, Enquiry or Customer


The All Invoices section on the Tradify Mobile App. To create a new Invoice, simply select the blue button at the bottom-right of the screen.


You can create edit Invoices in the Mobile App as you would on the Web version. All four versions of Invoices are available and you can add Notes, Photos Videos and even Signatures.

For more information on creating and processing Invoices as a whole, check out our Creating and Processing Invoices section. There, you'll find a variety of helpful articles on what our Invoicing feature can do. 

This short video explains how you can add deposits to Mobile Invoices


Using the Mobile Map Feature 

The Mobile Map is a great tool to view your Jobs and help you get from site to site.

You can access the Map through the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, or through the Job Dashboard. 

When viewing the Map, you can either view it in the standard format or view the location in Satellite to preview your Job before you get there. 


Read more about using the Map function in our Using the Map Function help article.


Using Suppliers on Mobile

On Tradify mobile, you can add Suppliers and manage them as you would Customer Profiles.

To add a Supplier:

  1. Head to the Suppliers tab.
  2. Select the blue icon.
  3. Enter your Supplier's details in (you may import these Supplier details from your phone contacts).
  4. Select Save.


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