Understanding Changes in Staff Member Data When Switched to Inactive in Tradify

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When you switch a Staff Member to inactive in the staff member, this has some changes to viewing their work in Tradify. 

What You Still See

  • Notes and Jobs: Access notes and jobs created by the inactive staff member.
  • Job Assignments: View jobs they were assigned to, but filtering by this staff member isn’t possible.
  • Timesheets: See and invoice timesheets entered by them.
  • Activity Log: Review an activity log, showing updates made by this staff member, like emails sent.
  • Scheduled Appointments within the Job: Within the Job > Schedule tab, you will see appointments scheduled for this staff member

What You Won’t See

  • Scheduler Appointments on the Scheduler: Appointments on the Scheduler for the staff member are not visible within the Scheduler.
  • New Entries: Adding new appointments or timesheets for them is not possible.
  • Filtering: Cannot filter by this staff member in jobs, timesheets, or reports.

Reactivating Staff Members

Restoring Visibility: Reactivating a staff member restores full visibility, including scheduling, adding timesheets and filtering capabilities.


Check out Editing, Deactivating and Restoring Users for more information. 

If you want to restore full visibility for a staff member, without giving them any access to login. You can reactivate them as a No Access Staff Member. 


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