Can I Change My Tradify Username?

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A Tradify username is the unique identification assigned to each individual user account that is required (along with a password) when logging into both the Tradify (desktop) web and mobile apps.

By default, the email address you enter for an account will be used as the account’s unique username. However, it is possible to customise usernames by de-selecting the Use Email Address as Username option when setting up new users.


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Although we don't offer the ability to change usernames within Settings, our support team can assist you to update an account’s username if necessary.

If you'd like to change a username, please contact our support team with the following information:

  • The name of the staff member would you like to update, including their current username
  • The new username you would like to assign to this staff member

Important Note: Usernames must be unique across our platform. If the requested username has already been taken by another user, you will be asked to choose something different.

Want to know more about creating a staff member? Check out Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify.


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