Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify

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Understand how to create new staff member users in Tradify through Settings. 

Adding new Staff Members

To add a new staff member, head over to Settings, click on Staff Members, select "New Staff Member" and input the relevant details. When you have filled in all the required details, select Save

Important Note: In order to add a new staff member, you'll need to have subscription & billing permissions enabled.

Whether you're creating new staff members or deactivating existing staff members, Tradify will automatically update your subscription count so to ensure you're always being charged the correct amount.
Note: In order to create a new staff member, you must supply a NameUsernameEmail Address, & Hourly Rate. These fields are all mandatory.

General Information:

Name - Full Name of the staff member (This can be changed at a later date if needed).

Username - Enter a unique username to identify the staff member.

Note: The username is used to log into Tradify and therefore must be unique across Tradify's entire customer database. You can use an email address as a username, but bare in mind, it won't have any connection to the email address.
It's just a username. If you get an error saying that the username already exists, add additional characters or alter the username in some way to make it unique.

Highlight Colour - Select a colour to identify the user on the schedule.

Phone - Enter a phone number for the user.

Mobile - Enter a mobile number for the user.

Email Address - Enter an email address either for the user or a central email address to which the login credentials will be sent. The email address is also used when resetting a password and becomes the "reply-to" address when a customer replies to an email sent by the user.

Note: Please ensure the email address is entered 100% correctly, otherwise, the email with the login credentials will not be received.

Financial Information:

Default Billing Rate - This Billing Rate will be used for the staff members timesheet entries, (unless changed on the individual timesheet entry). For more information on billing rates, please see here.

Hourly Rate - Enter either the staff members hourly cost to the company (can include benefits and average overtime factored in) or their hourly rate of pay.

Note: This is the actual cost that is used to calculate the labour component for time spent on a Job by the staff member. It's important to set this to an accurate figure so as not to distort Job profitability.

Additionally, if you've enabled "Generate invoices using job appointments instead of timesheets", Tradify will use this hourly rate to calculate the cost and charge out rate for your "time and material" invoices.

Job Notifications:

Select where you want Job notifications to be sent. The options are either push notifications to the Tradify mobile app or email notifications sent to the email address entered on the staff members' record. You can select both options or none if required.

Access Permissions:

You can tailor your staff members' access permissions to suit your needs. For more information, check out User Access Permissions.


How does my new user get access to Tradify?

Once you've created a new staff member, Tradify will email them their login credentials, along with instructions on how to gain access to the system.

Important Note: Tradify will send these credentials to the email address that was applied to the new user. If they haven't received their login credentials, please be sure to check the email address is correct.
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