What can I use a No Access user for?

Who can use this?

Platform: Web | Mobile            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Staff Members

No Access means that the staff member is not granted access to Tradify on any device or computer. Jobs can be assigned, appointments and timesheets can all be created for the user by any user with suitable permissions. For this reason No Access users are an ideal way to set heavy machinery / equipment for hire. 

Example below:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 7.39.27 AM.png

Enter the Standard Pay Rate (How much it costs the company to hire out the equipment, used to calculate the actual job costs)

Allocate a Billing Rate – This is the hourly rate that Tradify will use to charge your customer for the machinery / equipment being hired out. This can be allocated as the No Access default billing rate. For more information on Billing Rates, please see here.





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