Difference between Staff member with login access and Staff member with no login access

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Basically, we have 2 kinds of staff members you can add to your account:

staff members with login access and staff members with no access.


Staff member with login access 

  • They will have automatic access to their own job and timesheets.
  • They will have their own username and password.
  • You can assign jobs to them.
  • They can upload notes on their own job.
  • You have the option to give more permission. (you can make them your admin where they can access purchase, invoices, and many more) Note: this is optional.
  • You can put their labour hours in their timesheet, and or they can do it from their end.

For more reference, please check this link - Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify – Tradify Help Centre (tradifyhq.com)


Staff member with no login access

  • No login access/no access to Tradify at all
  • You can still assign jobs to them, but they will only receive job information via email.
  • You can still create a timesheet for your report, but the account owner/account admin are the only ones who can do it.

When you add them, you need to toggle this on:


Important Note: Tradify will send these credentials to the email address that was applied to the new user. If they haven't received their login credentials, please be sure to check the email address is correct.

Additionally, you can see your monthly recurring charge in Settings > Subscription and Billing


Additional Information

For more reference: Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify – Tradify Help Centre (tradifyhq.com)

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