Editing, Deactivating and Restoring Users

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Learn how to remove staff members from Tradify and reactivate their accounts when needed. When their account is deactivated, the user will have no login access. 

Tradify doesn't completely delete staff member data, so you're able to recover the accounts at any time. Files uploaded into Notes will not be removed from Tradify however, the appointments or Jobs assigned to the user will be.

Check out Understanding Changes in Staff Member Data When Switched to Inactive in Tradify for more on what data you can still see when staff members are inactive. 

If you need this data, please export it prior to removing this account or contact Tradify's support team for assistance.

Editing Staff Members

Deactivating a Staff Member

Due to how user-specific data is stored, Tradify isn't able to delete staff members from customer accounts. Instead, Tradify offers the ability to "deactivate" users. This function also allows users to be reactivated at a later date (covered in the following section).

To deactivate a user, head over to Settings, select Staff Members and then click the 'status toggle' to make the user inactive. Once you've selected this toggle, Tradify will prompt a warning message. If you're happy to proceed, click "Yes" to make the user inactive. Once the user has been deactivated, they'll be moved to the "Inactive" tab.

Note: Once a user has been deactivated, you'll no longer see their profile within your account. If you'd like to pull any historical data for a deactivated user (timesheets report, productivity report), you would need to reactivate them first.

Reactivating a Staff Member

If you'd like to reactivate a staff member, head over to Settings, select Staff Members and then click the Inactive tab to see a full list of inactive users. On the right-hand side of the relevant user, click the 'status toggle' to make the user active again. Once you've selected this toggle, the user will automatically be reactivated.

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