How To Create a Quote With Options in Tradify Web

Understand more about adding optional items to a quote on Tradify web.

Quote Options allows your customer to choose and select different Quote options when they accept a quote online. 

Note: If you have the inline line items functionality available in Tradify, please skip to this section.

Making Items Optional 

To add options to your quote, you simply need to create a section for each option.

These optional sections can contain one or more line items. Follow these steps to see how:

  1. Add a new Line item or open an existing line item that you want to make optional.

  2. From here, locate the Section field and click the + icon to create a new section

  3.  Enter a Display Name for the section and select Option from the drop down menu at the bottom of the pop-up. You can also add a section description if needed. 

What do the drop-down menu options mean?

  • Option - All items in this section form a single 'option' in the quote that your customer can choose to select or not select when accepting the quote online.
  • Not Optional - All items in this section are included in the quote and your customer cannot choose to exclude them when accepting the quote online.

  1. Select OK.
  2. Continue to add more items to the option you just created, or add further optional and not optional sections.
  3. Review your quote. When the information is correct, select either Save the draft quote or Approve the quote and send it to your customer.

Once approved and sent, your customer can accept or reject the quote options.

Accepting or declining a Quote with Options

When an approved quote with options is sent to a customer, they can choose from the options when accepting the quote online.

To get started, send your Quote with Options to your customer:

  1. Click on the Send to Customer icon. For more information on sending your quotes to customers, check out Emailing Quotes on Tradify Web.

  2. When you’re ready, select Send.

What does your customer see?

  1. From the email or text message, your customer can open the quote online and choose from the options available. 
  2. They will need to first click Continue to select from the options. 

  1. Your customer will see a subtotal of the included items (all items not in the optional sections) and the optional sections that they can select from. 

  1. After selecting the options they want, your customer should select Accept Quote to finalise their choice. They’ll then see an updated quote with any selected options reflected in the Total. 
  2. Your customers choices will also be reflected inside your Tradify account. 

Invoicing a Quote with Options

Only accepted options will be copied to the invoice when creating an invoice from a Quote with options.

To learn more about how to invoice from a quote, check out the below articles:

Using inline line items to create optional sections

To enable optional sections for quotes using the inline line items feature:

  1. Head to your Quote as you normally would.
  2. Add a line item.
  3. Select the menu to the right-hand side of your line item, as shown below.

    Selecting Add to Optional Section moves that line item into a section that is Optional. Selecting Add to Section moves the line item into a normal section

  4. Enter the section's name, description, and select OK.
  5. Now, finish your quote as needed and you'll be able to process the quote as you normally would.

Making an existing section optional with inline line items

With inline line items, it's easier than ever to create optional sections. To do so:

  1. Head to your quote and go to your desired section.
  2. In the section’s modal, select Optional from the optional drop down menu.

  3. Select OK

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if my customer chooses the wrong options?

All you’ll need to do is go into your quote, select the Options drop-down menu and select Reset to Draft. Alternatively, you can create a copy of your quote. 

If I copy my quote, do the sections remain optional or not optional as per the original quote?

Yes! These will remain as is.

If I create a quote template from a quote with options do the sections stay optional?

Unfortunately, optional sections are not yet supported for Quote Templates in Tradify so the sections will default to Not Optional. When creating a quote from the template you will need to open the sections that you want to make optional and select 'Option' from the drop-down menu. 

Can I choose options for my customer?

Yes, you can. You will have to do this by sending yourself a copy of the email, opening the online quote and selecting the options yourself. 

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