Frequently Asked Questions on Quote Options


What happens if my customer chooses the wrong options?

All you’ll need to do is go into your quote, select the Options drop-down menu and select Reset to Draft. Alternatively, you can create a copy of your quote. 


If I copy my quote, do the sections remain optional or not optional as per the original quote?

Yes! These will remain as is.


If I create a quote template from a quote with options do the sections stay optional?

Unfortunately optional sections are not yet supported for Quote Templates in Tradify so when you create a quote from this template, the sections will default to Not Optional. All you will need to do is open the section that you want to make optional and select 'Option' from the drop down menu. 


Can I choose options for my customer on their behalf?

Yes, simply find your approved Quote with Options and click ‘Accept’. You’ll be able to select from the options and update the Quote based on your customers choice



Can I view Quotes with options on the mobile app?

Yes! You can view quotes with options on the mobile app. Although you will not be able to edit the quote, you can approve, preview, and send the quote to the customer. As well as, create a job directly from the quote.


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