How Document Themes are used by Quotes with Options

Some combinations of settings on document themes for Quotes, don’t make sense for Quotes with Options. 

For quotes with options we recommend your document themes have the following settings switched ON:

1. Show line items

2. Show sections

3. Show section total

You might also consider switching ON “Show section line items”.

We encourage you to test out the different options from the quote “Preview” tab to find the combination of options that suit your quotes.

If there is no combination of settings that work for both standard quotes and quotes with options, then we recommend creating a separate document theme specifically for quotes with options.

What happens if some or all of these settings are OFF?

We understand that for many reasons, it is possible that you might have a quote with options with a document theme that doesn’t follow the recommendations. In these cases, Tradify will override the document theme settings to ensure your potential customer has all the information they need to make a decision, whilst honouring the document theme as best as possible.

See below for how Tradify will handle your quote with options:

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 11.03.42.png

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