Create a Quote With Options

Adding Options to a Quote

To add options to your quote, you simply need to create a section for each option.

These sections can contain one or more line items.:

1. Add the Line item you want to a new Section by clicking the three dots to the right of the line item



2. Enter a Display Name and select if the section should be 'Optional' from the drop down menu. You can add a description for the section, or leave it blank.   


What do the drop-down menu options mean?

  • Optional - All items in this section form a single 'option' in the quote that your customer can choose to select or not select when accepting the quote online.
  • Not Optional - All items in this section are included in the quote and your customer cannot choose to exclude them when accepting the quote online.

3.  Preview the quote before sending it to your customer by selecting the preview tab within the quote. If the sections are not displayed, click 'Customise this Document Theme', click the 'Quote' tab and toggle on 'Show sections' and 'Show section total'. 

NB: You cannot create or edit quotes with options on the mobile app. 

NB: Optional sections will not be included in the total amount for draft and approved quotes, they will only be included once the customer selects them when accepting the quote online.

What does my customer see and how do they accept a quote?

When an approved quote with options is sent to a customer, they can choose from the options when accepting the quote online.

  1. From the email or text message, your customer can open the quote online and choose from the options available. 
  2. They will need to first click Review Options to select from the options. 

  1. Your customer will see a subtotal of the included items (all items not in the optional sections) and the optional sections that they can select from. 


  1. After selecting the options they want, your customer should select Accept Quote to finalise their choice. They’ll then see an updated quote with any selected options reflected in the Total. 
  2. Your customers choices will also be reflected inside your Tradify account. 

Accepting a Quote on behalf of my customer

You can accept an approved quote with options on behalf of your customer, and choose from the Options in the quote

  1. Find your approved Quote with options from the Quote list, and click ‘Accept’
  2. You’ll be able to see a list of the options in your quote, and you can select which ones you want to accept by selecting the checkbox against the option

  1. Click ‘Yes’ after selecting your option
  2. You’ll be able to see an updated quote that includes the totals from any option that has been selected

Invoicing a Quote with Options

When creating an invoice from a Quote with options, only accepted options will be copied to the invoice.

To learn more about how to invoice from a quote, check out the below articles:

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