Invoicing an Entire Quote on Tradify Web

Learn more about invoicing from a quote on Tradify web. This method is recommended for those who wish to invoice directly off the quoted amount as opposed to costs logged against a specific job. 

Note: Before starting the invoicing process, the quote will need to be "Accepted". Check out How To Action a Quote in Tradify to learn more.

Within the relevant Quote:

  1. Once the quote has been accepted, click Copy to Invoice.
  2. Using the drop-down menu, set the Invoice Type to Entire Amount.
  3. Fill out your Draft Invoice as necessary.
  4. Select either Approve or Save Draft.

A new pop-up window will appear.

Once you've set the Invoice Type, the following fields will be made visible:

  • Group quote sections into a single line item on the invoice - Only groups quote sections into single line items on the invoice.

  • Group kits into a single line item on the invoice - Only groups kits into single line items on the invoice.


Tradify will now pre-populate the following fields on the invoice based on the information supplied on the Quote:

  • Customer
  • Site
  • Pricing Level
  • Reference
  • Document Theme
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date - based on your customer settings.

Tradify will also pull over every single line item from the quote onto the invoice.


When you reopen the Quote, Tradify will display all linked invoices within the cost breakdown (as shown below).


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