Invoice the Line Items of a Quote or a Section

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To invoice the line items of a quote:

  1. Go to an Approved and Accepted Quote.
  2. Using the checkboxes, select the line items you want to invoice.
  3. Select Create invoice from selection.
  4. Edit your invoice as necessary.

Tradify now pre-populates the fields on the invoice based on the information supplied on the quote, and pulls through the selected line items.

When you reopen the quote, Tradify will show a tick icon against each line item that has already been invoiced. It'll also display all linked invoices within the cost breakdown (as shown below).

Important note: Tradify will only tick line items that have been individually selected. If you choose to invoice the remaining amount without selecting the items, then these will be left unticked.


To create another invoice for the quote, simply reopen the quote and follow the same process.



Remove a line item from the invoice

To remove line items, you'll need to select the to the right of a line item (as shown below).



Important Note: If the selected line items are deleted off the invoice, then the corresponding ticks will be removed from the quote. However, if you edit or amend the line items on the invoice, the ticks will be left as is.




Please note: Declined options will not be selected.

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