Invoicing a Fixed Amount of a Quote

Discover how to invoice a fixed amount from a quote on Tradify's web app. This feature enables you to invoice a standard amount without modifying individual line items. It's ideal for creating deposit invoices or billing based on a predetermined schedule agreed with your customer.

How to Invoice a Fixed Amount of a Quote 

Within the relevant quote:

  1. Select Approve.
  2. Select Accept.
  3. Select Copy to Invoice.
  4. Using the drop-down menu, set the Invoice Type to Fixed Amount.
  5. Select Create draft invoice.
  6. Fill out the Invoice as needed.
  7. Select either Approve or Save Draft.

Once you've set the Invoice Type, the following fields will be made visible:

  • Quote - This will automatically be set to the corresponding quote.
  • Invoice Amount - Choose the amount you wish invoice.

Tradify now pre-populates the following fields on the invoice based on the information supplied on the Quote:

  • Customer
  • Site
  • Pricing Level
  • Reference
  • Document Theme
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date - based on your Customer settings.
Note: Tradify will create a line item for the fixed amount. The description will state the amount and the corresponding quote.


To create another invoice for the quote, simply reopen the quote and follow the same process.

Note: When you reopen the Quote, Tradify will display all linked invoices within the cost breakdown.

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