Invoicing a Percentage of a Quote

Using this method can be very useful if you want to create deposits based on a percentage, or have a set schedule of billing to uphold with your customer that is based on a percentage of the completed work.


Invoicing a percentage of a Quote 

Within the relevant quote, click "Approve" > "Accept".


Once the quote has been accepted, click on "Copy to Invoice".


Note: A new pop-up window will appear.

Using the drop-down menu, set the Invoice Type to "Percentage of quote".

Note: Once you've set the Invoice Type, the following fields will be made visible:
  • Select Quote - This will automatically be set to the corresponding quote.
  • Percentage of Quote - Choose the percentage you wish to base the invoice off.
  • Group quote line items into single line item on the invoice - All line items on the quote will be grouped into a single line item on the invoice. Note: This setting will be enabled by default.
  • Group quote sections into a single line item on the invoice - Only groups quote sections into single line items on the invoice.
  • Group kits into a single line item on the invoice - Only groups kits into single line items on the invoice.
Note: For the purpose of this walkthrough, we've set the percentage amount to 10% and we'll be grouping all line items into one single line item on the invoice.

Additionally, "Group quote line items into single line item on the invoice" will be enabled by default. If you choose to keep this enabled, Tradify will add a reference to the line item description which states the linkage between the progress invoice and the quote. Tradify will also apply the percentage to the quantity of each line item so that you can still track inventory correctly. If you choose not to group, the descriptions will stay in their original state.

To create the invoice, select "Create draft invoice".


Note: Tradify will now pre-populate the following fields on the invoice based on the information supplied on the quote:
  • Customer
  • Site
  • Pricing Level
  • Reference
  • Document Theme
  • Description
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date - based off your customer settings.


Once you're ready to approve the invoice, click the "Approve" button to finalise the invoice. If you'd like to save the invoice as a draft so it can be amended at a later date, click "Save Draft".

If you would like to create another percentage based invoice, simply reopen the quote and follow the same process.

Note: When you reopen the quote, Tradify will display all linked invoices within the cost breakdown (as shown below).

Important Note: If you make any amendments to the invoice after it's been created, these amendments will not show through on the quote.


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