Connecting Your Tools to Your Tradify Jobs

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Learn more about how you can track the work that your tools do in Tradify Jobs. 

If you want to track what Jobs and Tasks your tools are doing work for, you can add the equipment's serial number to the Custom Information section within a Job.

Custom Information fields are for entering in additional user-defined information and can be tailored to suit your needs.

How to Add a Serial Number To Your Jobs

You will have four Custom Information fields to edit. To customise a field, you'll need to:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Jobs.

    There are two types of Custom Information fields you can edit, those being: Job Category and Job Custom. For the purposes of connecting your tools to your Jobs, we'll focus on Job Custom fields.

  3. Select a Job Custom field.
  4. Enter in Serial Number or similar.

You can now enter serial numbers in to your Jobs directly.


Adding Other Custom Information

Each Custom Information field can be pre-set for every Customer or Site record. This means you can create a Site for a Customer that relates to your equipment. 

These are also some examples of other information that you could include in a Job's Custom Information fields:

  • Customer Type
  • Customer Source
  • Serial Number
  • Budget Value
  • Warranty Expiry
  • Est Completion Date
  • Access Code
  • Unit/Flat No 

For more information on creating and using Custom Fields, click here.

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