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You can use the mobile app to add quick notes to Jobs


When creating a Quick Note, you can choose between the following options:

  • Take Photo - this launches your phone camera and allows you to upload a single photo with an optional caption.
  • Choose Photos - this opens your photo gallery which enables you to select any number of existing photos.
  • Create Text Note - lets you create a text-only note.
  • Choose Files - this launches your phone’s file picker, where you can select files of any type including documents in PDF or DOCX format.

Note: When selecting one of the options to upload photos or files, you will still be able to add a text description if desired.


Confirm attachment(s) and/or text

Depending on the type of note you choose, you’ll either be taken to your camera app, the appropriate file picker, or a screen where you can enter a text note.

If you have attached any photos or files, you can remove any unwanted files by pressing the X symbol in the top-right corner of the file preview.


Once you’re happy with your note you can simply hit Save and return to the screen you were previously on.

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