Viewing Emails sent from Tradify

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Platform: Web        Plan: Plus        Staff Permission: Invoicing | Quoting


You can view emails sent to your customers from Tradify in the Activity logs.  


  1. In the activity log, locate the events related to email communication, such as "Invoice email sent," "Quote email sent," "Job email sent," or "Form email sent."

  2. Click on the event details to open a pop-up window displaying an exact copy of the sent email.

  3. Any attachments are below the email and can be downloaded from this preview by clicking on the file. 

Checking Appointment Emails

If you want to review emails related to appointments, follow these steps:

  1. In the activity log, locate the events associated with creating, updating, or cancelling appointments.
  2. Click on the log entry to view the content of the appointment email.
  3. Take note of any important details or updates mentioned in the email.
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