How to Record Signatures on Job Notes - Mobile


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To get started: 

  1. Head to the 'Jobs' page > Tap an the job you need to record a signature for > Then tap on the 'Notes' tab in the job > Click 'New Note'.

    signature on mobile 1.PNG

  2. From the Note tap 'Add Photo/Video or Signature' > Then tap 'Capture Signature'.

    signature on mobile 3.PNG
  3. This will bring up the 'Signature' screen for you where you can add a name and have them sign > then press 'Save'.


  4. now this will bring you back to the 'Note' Screen where you can name the note and save.

    signature on mobile 4.PNG
  5. Your all done!

Please note: signatures can only be collected on the Tradify mobile app.

Additional Information

For more info on jobs on mobile see here: Schedule a Job in Jobs on Tradify Mobile

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