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Tradify lets you collect payments and manage payment reminders, to speed up payment:

  • Use the Payment Received section on an invoice to record payments against an invoice. 
  • Payments will automatically show up if your customers pay using Tradify Stripe. You can reconcile to individual transactions this way.
  • The customer can also mark it as paid themselves, which you will be notified via email so you can validate.  This will automatically add a payment of the full or remaining amount dated the date they mark it paid.  If you find this is incorrect, you can remove the payment and the status will automatically update back to Approved.  Note if you remove a payment, it will not sync the removal back to Xero.


Adding a Payment Manually

To add a payment, open the invoice, scroll down and click Add Payment.

Then add the payment details. 


Using an Accounting System

  • For those who are integrated with an accounting system, remember that if you do some in Tradify and some in your accounting system, things can get messy.
    • If you are integrated with Xero, these payments will sync back to Xero.  Do not add payment items in both systems as they will duplicate. 
    • For all other accounting systems, the integration with Tradify is one way so you will need to reconcile in your accounting system.


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