Create an Invoice from a Job, Quote or Template

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The easiest way to create an invoice is to pull in time and materials, or labour, that you have already entered on the quote or job.

To get started: 

  1. Head to the Job you want to invoice for.
  2. Then head to the 'Invoices' tab.
  3. Click 'Create New Invoice' from the Job screen, or from within a New Invoice click Import 'Time & Materials From Job', 'From Quote' or 'From Template':  

Note: Once you select "Time and Materials from Job", the following two options are also presented:

  • Use cut-off date - This option allows you to invoice costs entered up until a certain date. This allows you to do progress billing on a job.  For more details on this process, please see here.
  • Group materials into a single line item - This option will group all material costs into one single line item on the invoice.  Otherwise, each item will show individually.  Labour will automatically be grouped by billing rate type.


If you have Tasks on your Job, you can invoice specific ones: 

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Note:  any declined options in a quote do not carry over to invoices




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