Notifying Your Staff Members in Tradify

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Platform: Web | Mobile            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Staff Members

You can send in-app or email alerts in Tradify, to staff members to ensure they know when they've been assigned to a new or existing Job. 

The following actions will prompt in-app or email notifications in Tradify:

  • When a user is assigned to a job.
  • When a user is un-assigned from a job.
  • When a user is scheduled for an appointment for a job.
  • When a user's scheduled appointment is changed or removed.
  • When creating or editing notes within jobs. 

Notification Settings

To edit your staff members notification settings, head over to Settings > click on Staff Members,  then open the relevant staff member that you'd like to edit the notifications for.

Under the Notifications heading, use the corresponding toggles to enable or disable notifications for the staff member.



Note: If the toggles are enabled but notifications are not being received on the users mobile device, it's important to also make sure that Notifications are enabled on the Mobile device's app settings.

You can check this by going to Settings (on the users Tradify App) > click Notifications > then ensure notifications are also enabled.



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