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To create a quote in Tradify:

  1. Click the New Quote button to start a new quote.
  2. Enter the details of your quote, including the customer's name, quote date, expiry date and whether the quote is tax inclusive or exclusive.   
  3. You can add a reference and description if you need.
  4. Add line items to the quote.  These can be:
    • Miscellaneous:  This allows you to enter any information directly to the quote that you don't have set up or saved in Tradify.
    • Time: Select a billing rate to enter units of time for your labour, such as quantity of hours. Setup and manage your Billing Rates in Settings, or learn more here.
    • Price list item:  Search for and add an item you have saved in your price list. These might be materials from your suppliers, or simply items you want to save so that they can be reused. Manage your Price List in Settings, or learn more here
    • Kit: Search for and add a saved kit, a collection of items, such as labour and materials that are commonly used together in quotes. Expand a kit to edit the line items within it by clicking '+' to the left of the item code. Setup and manage your Kits in Settings, or learn more here.
  5. Tip: Don't worry about the line items 'Item code', these are simply an internal reference (or your suppliers reference) that your customers will not see on the quote itself. 
  6. Preview your quote in the Preview tab, If you want to change how your quote looks click 'Customise Document Theme' or create a new theme if you need more than one way to display quotes, for this check out Managing Multiple Document Themes
  7. If you'd like to include options in your quote, add the option item(s) to an optional section. Learn more about Creating a Quote With Options.
  8. When you're ready to send the quote to your customer make sure you Approve it first, this ensures it doesn't display as a draft and your customer can accept or decline the quote when they view it online.
Note: When emailing a quote, all email addresses that have previously been sent the quote will be included in the "to:' field and therefore visible to all recipients. Please keep this in mind if you test emailing the quote to a personal email address.
Note: Once you have accepted the quote, Tradify will ask if you'd like to create a job based on the details of the quote.  If you select Yes, Tradify will automatically take you to the Job.


Understanding What Each Field Means

  • Customer: Search for an existing customer by typing in the customer field. If it's for a new customer, click the '+' icon to create a new customer profile.

  • Quote Date: This is the date of the quote, and it defaults to today.

  • Expiry Date: Set the quote expiry date.  This defaults to today's date plus the number of days specified in your Default Expiry Days setting. 

  • Tax:  Inclusive or exclusive.
  • Reference: Include a customer reference or order number if available.

  • Description: A brief description of the purpose of the quote or the work to be done.
  • Terms:  Insert any terms of trade here - these will default to those in your Document Theme.
  • Notes: Feel free to add any notes or files to the quote. For information on attaching files, see here.


Other ways to create a quote

At Tradify, we've made it flexible to suit a variety of workflows. When creating Quotes, you can use the menu items to create them from:

  • The Quotes Dashboard.
  • a Job.
  • the Dashboard.
  • within a Customer Profile
  • from an Enquiry.


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