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To create a Quote from Enquiries:

  1. Head to Enquiries.
  2. Select an Enquiry.
  3. Select Copy To Quote.
  4. Either select an existing Customer or Create a New Customer (the contact fields may auto-populate based on how someone filled the Enquiries form).
  5. Fill out the relevant fields as you see fit.
  6. Select Approve/Save and Continue/Save and Exit when you're happy with the quote.



Understanding What Each Field Means

  • Customer  Enter the customer this quote is for.  This field cannot be left blank. If this quote is for an existing customer search for the customer by typing in the customer field.
Note: If this quote is for a new customer, click the '+' icon to create the customer from scratch. You can find out more about entering a new customer here
  • Pricing Level - Use this field to determine which pricing-set to charge on this quote. For more information on setting up and configuring Pricing Levels, please see here.
  • Quote Date – The date of the quote. This defaults to today.
  • Due Date The date at which the quote expires.  This defaults to today’s date + the number of days specified in your Default Expiry Days setting. You can find out more about quote Settings here.
  • Reference – A customer reference or order number.
  • Document Theme - This represents the quote layout theme to use when printing or emailing this Quote to a customer. You can find out more about Document Themes here.
  • Description – Use this field to enter a description of what the quote is for or the work to be done.
  • Notes - Use this section to add notes and/or files to your quote. For more information on attaching files, please see here.


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