Create an Estimate

Tradify offers a simple way to choose between sending a quote, or a flexible ‘best guess’ estimate.

When you choose 'Estimate' mode for a Document Theme, the term "Quote" is replaced with "Estimate" in customer-facing communications.

This includes emails, text messages and viewing the quote online. However, inside your Tradify account, the term "Quote" will still be used.

Here's how to get started with the Estimates feature:

  1. Update the Quote tab in your document theme or create a new document theme specifically for estimates. Choose Document Contract Type - "Estimate".  You can save time by making a copy of an existing theme!mceclip1.png

    Copying an existing document theme, click the copy icon highlighted in the blue box.

  2. If estimates are the most common type of quote document you send, set this document theme as the default to save you from having to select the theme every time you create a new estimate.
  3. Update or create a new email template from the Email Settings to use when sending your estimate.

Here's what your customer will see when viewing the estimate:




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