Missing Job Numbers?

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Platform: Web            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Settings

This article covers missing Job numbers. If you'd like to know more about Tradify's Job numbering sequence, please see here.

Tradify's numbering sequence will always continue in numerical order. The only time Tradify will remove a number is if the Job has been deleted. In this instance, the number can be re-used and you can do so by reverting the Job sequence back to the relevant number.

You may encounter missing or skipped numbers for the reasons below. 

Users manually change the Job Sequence

Be aware that users who have access to your Job Settings may have changed the Job number sequence without reverting it back. If you're noticing large gaps between Job numbers, please check with your colleagues in case this is the cause.

For more information on staff permissions, check out Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify.

Cancelling Jobs during their creation stage from the mobile app

Tradify holds the next available number during the Job creation stage. The number then becomes assigned once the Job has been successfully created. If multiple users are creating Jobs at the same time and the first user decides to cancel their Job, the next person to save theirs will have a higher number allocated, thus, the first number becomes skipped and the sequence continues from the higher number.

App crash or webpage crash during the creation of a Job.

If the app or webpage crashes during the creation of a Job, your local device won't have the chance to notify the server that the Job number hasn't been used. Thus, Tradify won't return the number to be reused in the sequence.

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