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Pricing Method is the method used to calculate the selling price for the Price List Item.  Prices are calculated or can be entered for each Pricing Level set up in Tradify. Pricing levels allow you to specify multiple prices for each item within a single price list. For more details on Pricing Levels, please see here.


The Pricing Method options are:

  • Calculate prices using purchase cost + markup - Prices are calculated for each pricing level using the Buy Price and Markup % set for each pricing level. The benefit of this method is that prices will update automatically when the buy price is changed either manually or as a result of importing an updated Supplier Price List.
  • Let me enter the price now - Allows the selling price to be manually entered for each pricing level.  Using this method fixes the selling price until it is either manually changed or updated.
  • Let me enter the price later - Allows the selling price to be left at zero so that it can be entered at the point of adding it to either to a Job, an invoice or a quote.

Note: Due to the manual nature of this method, we do not recommend using it for entering large quantities of Items. Instead, it would be best to follow Import Price List Items via a supplier price list file.

Want to know more about editing Price List Items? Check out Editing a Price List Item.


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