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Some supplier price lists may return an error when trying to import them, today we will go through all the steps to update these files to remove errors and allow the import with ease.



To get started:

  1. In Tradify head to 'Settings' > 'Price List' > 'Options' > Then 'Download Template'

    Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 2.54.29 PM.png

  2. Then Head to either Excel or Google sheets and import the template and the Price List you want to import.
  3. Now high light the column you want to copy and paste it into the correct column on the template(Repeat with each relevant column).
  4.  Then to make sure there are no character in the file that are not accepted in Tradify use CNTL+F, which will bring up the Document Search function, then use the list below to check for characters that are not accepted: 

    Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 3.47.41 PM.png

    $ (dollar symbol) --> Need to replace with a space
    “ (quotation symbol) --> can replace with '' (2 apostrophes)
    - (En dash symbol) --> Can replace with - (hyphen)
    – (Em dash symbol) --> Can replace with - (hyphen)
    , (Coma symbol) --> Need to replace with a space
    Note: the file can not have any empty boxes between lines with data, to check this click on any column at the top and click 'command+⌄' on Mac or 'Ctrl+⌄' on Windows which will bring you to the next empty line/box. 
  5. Then save/download this as a CSV file and this should be ready to import into Tradify.
  6. Now head back to Tradify to import your updated CSV file: How To Import a Supplier Price List.


Additional Information

For Info on importing see here: How To Import Suppliers to Tradify

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