Deactivating a Staff member or Connection that has appointments scheduled

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What happens if you deactivate a Staff member or Connection that has appointments booked for them?



Historical Appointments

These historical appointments will no longer show in the schedule (as the schedule is based on what appointments are assigned to your active staff members).  These appointments are still present on the Job and can be found on the schedule tab in the job.  

Future Appointments

Re assign these appointments prior to deactivating the staff member

  1. Select Schedule on the left hand side navigation panel 
  2. Filter the schedule to show only the staff members you want to see (see this article on filtering staff members: Why am I missing one of my staff members jobs from the scheduler?)
  3. Select the appointments and add the staff member you want to re-assign to in the Staff section

  4. Select Save
  5. Head to Settings > Staff Members and deactivate your staff member

Additional Information

See this help article to see how to deactivate staff members: How To Deactivate a Staff Member 

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