Managing Staff members when someone is leaving your organisation


Best practice when staff members leave your organisation and new staff members need to be added.  



  1. Tradify bills in arrears, and pro-rata, so you only pay for the days a staff member is active
  2. On the day a staff member leaves your organisation, transfer any future appointments to another staff member and then make their staff member inactive - You can always reactivate if you need to.  This step is highly recommended from a security/data privacy point of view 
  3. When a new staff member starts, create a brand new staff member for them. 


Additional Information

You can still access most of your Staff Member's entered data when they are inactive. Check out Understanding Changes in Staff Member Data When Switched to Inactive in Tradify for more information on what you can still view. 

See this help article for more information on staff members: Creating New Staff Member Users in Tradify

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