Reorder or Hide Content in a Job Service Report

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Platform: Web        Plan: Plus        Staff Permission: Reports and Financials

Learn more about how to hide, reorder and add back sections in a Job Service Report in Tradify.

To move information up and down the report, click and hold the 3 dots next to the associated title (see the below image). You can then drag the content up or down the page to the desired position. This will then reflect in Job Service Report.

Hiding Content 

Hiding content is a good way to not show certain information in a report without deleting it.

When you hide content, it will not be shown in the report that is sent to the Customer.

  1. To hide an entire content area, such as the description, click the Show Description toggle.
  2. Click it again to show Description content.
    Note: Switching content off will not delete any content within it.

Click it again to show Description content.

Note: Switching content off will not delete any content within it.


Hide Columns in Line Items

To do this, just click on the eye icon next to the column title. This column will not be displayed in the Job Service Report sent out to the Customer.

To unhide the column, simply click the eye icon again.

Want to know more about creating a Job Service Report? Check out Create a Job Service Report on Tradify Web.

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