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At Tradify, protecting your business data is crucial. Take a look at how our Two-Step Security (also known as 2 factor authentication, 2FA, or Multi-Factor Authentication) system benefits you.

Note: The Australian Tax Office requires Two-Step Security for all customers integrated with Xero. For more information on mandatory security for Xero integrations, read this article from Xero

Two-Step Security means that we do a second check whenever someone tries to log in from a new and untrusted device.

We’ll send a security code to your Tradify account’s mobile phone. You'll use this code to enter into Tradify to confirm it's you or a trusted person logging in. 

You’ll only need to do this once on each device you want to use, and you can revoke trust from devices at any time via the Settings section.

This means once you're set up, you can carry on as normal, knowing that you’ve got much better protection and control over who can access your data.


Tradify's Two-Step Security FAQs

Am I required to have Two-Step Security enabled in my Tradify Account?

Some accounting packages like Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks, are required by law to have a certain level of security in order to communicate with local tax authorities.

This also means software like Tradify that integrations with accounting packages, also has to provide the same level of security. In these cases, 2-Step Security will not be optional for you or your staff members, ensuring that your business is always fully compliant.


What happens if I lose a device logged into Tradify?

You can easily reset the login for these devices via Settings > Security > Reset All Trusted Devices. If you don’t have any other devices already using Tradify then contact our Support team.


How long are devices trusted in Tradify's Two-Step Security system?

Tradify will trust a device until you reset devices via Settings.


What happens to my Two-Step Security System in Tradify if I change my phone number?

You can easily change the number used for 2-Step security via Settings > Security > Change Phone Number.


What happens if I need to access a Staff Member's Tradify account?

If you need to access a departed or absent staff members account, and you do not have access to their phone.

You can log in as the account administrator and reset their 2-Step Security settings, along with their email and password. You can then sign in as them, and set your phone number to receive the security code.


Do I need to use Tradify's Two-Step System every time if I am a Partner with access to many companies?

No, you just need to log in to your partner account using Two-Step Security, and then you can switch to other companies as you have done previously, without any extra steps.

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