How do I include the Job Address on the Invoice in Xero?

How do I Include the Job Address on the Invoice in Xero?

Since there is no field on the Xero invoice for the Job Address, the only option is to add the Job Address as a separate line on the Invoice. There are two options available to do this.

  1. Manually Enter the Job Address as a Text Line - Add a Miscellaneous Cost line to the Invoice in Tradify, zero out the Quantity, (Tradify views these lines as text) and then enter the Job Address in the description field.
  2. Automatically add the Job Address using the "New Billing Run" feature - Under the main Invoices menu, click on the "New Billing Run" button. Select the Job or Jobs you wish to invoice. (The Billing Run feature also allows for multiple Jobs to be grouped into one Invoice by Customer). 

Note: For more detailed steps on how to perform a billing run, please see here.


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