Xero Error: The TaxType code 'INPUT' cannot be used with account code 'xyz'

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Error Message: Houston, we have a problem. Invoice Draft can't be sent to Xero because of the following errors: The TaxType code 'INPUT' cannot be used with account code 'xyz'.


In Xero:

  1. Head to Accounting > Chart of Accounts
  2. Select the account you are trying to sync to
  3. Check the Account Type for the account. The account may have been set up as an Expense account but it needs to be a Sales or Revenue account to allow syncing from Tradify to Xero. 
  4. If the account type is correct, you may need to chose a different account on your invoice to send to Xero.

Additional Information

To find out more details on other Xero errors: Understanding Xero Error Messages

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