Create a credit note in Xero


This article explains how to create a credit note if you have a Xero connection. Both in full or part credit.

Credit notes can only be done through Xero but will update on your Tradify account. 



Find the invoice in Xero that you want to Credit and open it. 

1, Remove the payment from the invoice. - You will see a blue payment link next to the amount due. Click on this to take you to the payment section. 
Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 14.59.01.png

2, Go to options > Remove an Re-do. It will automatically remove the full amount. If you need to add in a payment again scroll down and add the payment amount you need to keep. (click Add Payment)

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 15.00.10.png

3, Open the invoice again and click on your invoice options tab. Here you will see Add Credit Note. Click this and then approve. This will add your credit note.

Once you refresh your Tradify invoice it will show this credit note on your document and is ready to send. 



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