How to Import Historical Jobs Into Tradify

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In Tradify, you're able to import historical Jobs. However, only the Job header information can be imported (this header information covers basic Job details).

Details like costs, labour, images, scheduled appointments, adding staff members & invoices will all need to be captured manually once the job has been imported & created.

How to Import Jobs into Tradify

To import your Job Template:

    1. Go to the "Jobs" section.
    2. Select the "Options" tab.
    3. Choose "Import Jobs from File."
    4. Click on "Choose CSV File" and locate the relevant import.
    5. Click "Start Matching."

Important Note: Make sure that the "Match existing jobs using" toggle is disabled. This option is only used when updating existing jobs.

If your file does not include column headers, deselect the option "My CSV has a header row."

Note: Tradify will open the CSV file and analyse its contents to match the rows correctly. If you need to change the order of the matched fields:

  1. Click the "X" icon on the right-hand side of the row.
  2. Drag and drop the relevant field into its place.

Once the columns have been matched correctly, click on "Import Job File."

After the file has been imported, the new jobs will be visible in the Job Dashboard view.

If you encounter any errors during the import process, please contact support.


How to Format Your Historical Jobs for Importing

Tradify requires a CSV format file (Comma Separated Values). For ease of use, please use the template supplied below.

Job Template File

Not all fields on the import template are required. Also, there are others that have certain rules to adhere to. 

If you’re unsure at all, please use the table below as a reference.


Is this field mandatory? Rules


  • Ensure the customer already exists in Tradify. New customers cannot be created via a job import.



  • Ensure the Site already exists in Tradify. New Sites cannot be created via a job import.



  • Limited to 100 characters.



  • Ensure the Status matches a pre-existing status in Tradify. New Status cannot be created via a job import.

Pricing Level


  • Ensure the Pricing Level matches a pre-existing Pricing Level in Tradify. New Pricing Levels cannot be created via a job import.

Category #1


  • Ensure the Category matches a pre-existing Category in Tradify. New Categories cannot be created via a job import.

Category #2


  • Ensure the Category matches a pre-existing Category in Tradify. New Categories cannot be created via a job import.

Job Address


  • You can manually enter a Job Address to display on this job.
  • If left blank, the Job Address will be pulled from the Customer record.



  • The description field can include up to 25mb worth of text. Comparatively speaking, you can input well over 10,000 characters of text in this field.

Job Contact Information


  • You can update the Job contact information and it will show accordingly on the imported Job. Be aware, it won't update the customer record.

Site Contact Information


  • Same as the above 

Custom Fields


  • Limited to 100 characters


Additional Information

for more info on Importing see here: How To Import Supplier Bills into Tradify

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