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Your customers can accept, decline and comment on quotes from a trackable link. To do this, they simply need to open the link within the email sent to them from Tradify on behalf of your business. 


You can also accept a quote from your dashboard on behalf of a customer.  

To accept a Quote:

  1. Select a Quote in the Awaiting Acceptance section.
  2. Select Response.
  3. Select Accept.
  4. Confirm you're ready to accept the quote.
  5. Choose whether you'd like a customer signature on the Quote.
    Selecting Yes will take you to a screen where your customer can sign on the screen using either their finger or an electronic writing device.
    Simply select Done when you're happy, or Reset to try again.  Read more about this at Getting Quote Signatures on Tradify Mobile
Important Note: If you haven't already created a Job for your quote, Tradify will raise a prompt once the quote has been accepted. You can either have Tradify create the job for you or leave it as is. For the purpose of this video, we have selected "no" when asked this question.


If the customer requires amendments on the quote before accepting, please use the Revise function (covered in the following section).


Note: Once the quote has been accepted, the following options will be made available:

For more information on these functions, please click the relevant title.



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