Approve a Quote

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Platform: Web            Plan: Lite | Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Quoting

Approve a quote once you've added all the necessary details to it and are ready to send it to the customer:

  1. Open up your quote
  2. Select the Approve button (located in the bottom right corner).


Once a quote has been approved, it will be located under the Awaiting Acceptance tab within your Quote Dashboard. Approved quotes can be accepted or declined in Tradify, or by your customer when viewed online. 

Approving a quote will not send it to the customer automatically, do this by clicking the 'Send to Customer' paper plane icon in the top right. 

If you need to edit an approved quote, simply select 'Reset to Draft' from the options menu, OR select 'Revise' to create a copy that can be edited. This is useful if you want to keep a record of the original quote. 




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