How Does Your Customer Accept a Quote with Options

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When an approved quote with options is sent via sms or email, your customer can open the quote online and choose from the options available. 

1. They will need to first click Review Options to select from the options. 

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2. Your customer will see a subtotal of the included items (all items not in the optional sections) and the optional sections that they can select from. The subtotal will automatically update when your customer selects or deselects an option.

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3. After selecting the options they want, your customer should select Accept Quote to finalise their choice. They’ll then see an updated quote with any selected options reflected in the Total. 

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4. To select an option on behalf of your customer, open the quote on the web version of Tradify and select the green accept button and choose the options yourself. 

5. Your customers choices will also be reflected inside your Tradify account. 


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