How To Capture a Signature in Job Notes


You can capture signature quickly on the job using the Tradify app on a smartphone or tablet, and saving the signature to notes. 



  1. In your Tradify app, head to Jobs, then click on the job you're working on. 

  2. At the top of your job, click on the Notes tab

  3. Click the New Note button 

  4. Click Add Photo/Video or Signature, then choose Capture Signature 

  5. The name in the top right corner will default to the Customer's name, to change this, e.g. when capturing a supervisor, site manager or staff members signature, just click on the name to edit this. 

  6. Use the blank space to draw your signature. 
  7. Click Done to save the signature, if needed add any additional text to the note. 

  8. Click Save to save your Note.


Additional Information

You can also capture a signature on the Tradify app when: 

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