How To Send an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Text Message

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Platform: Mobile        Plan: Pro | Plus       

Staff Permission: Job & Timesheets


Want to send a quick text to say 'I'm on my way' including an Estimated Time of Arrival? You can do this from the Tradify Mobile App. 



  1. Head to either the the Appointment, Job or Customer 

  2. Click the Message button

  3. Choose "I'm on my way!" - this will pull out a text message into your phones text messaging app 


  4. Adjust the text message if you need to, and hit Send ✅

Additional Information

If the Messages button is greyed out - it likely means you don't have mobile saved for this customer. Head to the Customer, or Job to add their mobile if you'd like to save it. 

To determine the estimated time of arrival - make sure you have GPS switched on. 

Because the text message is sent from your phone and not from Tradify, the text message will not appear in Tradify's Activity Log. 

The ETA text message comes from the staff member's phone. As it's a template that is pulled into your text messaging app, and sent as a normal text message from the phone used. 


These also aren't billed to the customer, as its not part of the Tradify SMS services, but a template message.

Check out How to Contact Customers on Tradify Mobile for more information on texting, calling and emailing from the app. 

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