How to Automatically Attach a PDF of the Invoice/Quote when emailing from Tradify

When emailing from Tradify you can update a setting to include the PDF of the invoice/quote when emailing from Tradify as well as a link.  


You can do this as the default for your organisation or for specific customers.

For your entire organisation:  Contact the support team ( and we'll update this setting for you. 

For specific customers:

  1. Navigate to the Customers list and select the customer you wish to update this for
  2. Expand the financial information section:
  3. In the Delivery Methods section select Link & PDF without Tracking option.  You can select this separately for Invoices, Quotes, Job Service reports and Forms.
  4. Select Save & Exit to save the changes


Additional Information

Email delivery/opening tracking information for the email will be lost when enabling this option.

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