Download a Quote or Invoice as a PDF

As a Tradify User

Looking to save a PDF copy of your Quote or Invoice, 

  1. Click on the Quote or Invoice in Tradify

  2. Head to the top right hand corner - and either select the Printer icon,
    or Options > Print Invoice PDF 
    Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.11.36 PM.png

  3. A download pop-up box should appear, click Download 
    Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.13.49 PM.png

  4. Your PDF should open in your default browser or app, at this point, you can choose to save and download the PDF or print. 

    Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.15.37 PM.png 


As a customer

After clicking a link to view their Quote/Invoice, Email or Text Message. 

Your customers can click the download button to download the document as a PDF themselves. 

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.20.05 PM.png

If your customer has requested to get a PDF version of the document as an attachment in their email. You can set this up as their default here: Online Invoices & PDF Options

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