Why is the Address missing from my Invoice or Quote?

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Platform: Web            Plan: Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Invoicing | Quoting & Settings

Missing a customers address on your Quote or Invoice, when you know you have a saved address for the customer? It might be saved only as a Physical Address, and not a Postal Address.

  1. Navigate to Customers: Go to "Customers" in Tradify.
    From inside an Invoice or Quote, you can also navigate using Options > Open Customer
  2. Locate the Customer Profile: Click on the customer's name.
  3. Edit Customer Details: If you already have an address saved, check or tick the "Postal Address is the same as Physical Address" option.
  4. Save & Exit: Ensure new customer changes are saved. 
  5. Head back to the Invoice/Quote: The postal address will now be automatically included.
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