Resolving ABN Mismatch Errors Between MYOB and Tradify


If you encounter an error related to the ABN (Australian Business Number) on your customer's file in MYOB, which doesn't match with the information in Tradify, you'll need to take specific steps to resolve this issue. This knowledge base article outlines the process to rectify the ABN mismatch.


  1. Remove ABN in MYOB: Start by removing the ABN number from your customer's file in MYOB.

  2. Send the Invoice: Once the ABN is removed, proceed to send the invoice from Tradify.

  3. Re-add ABN in MYOB: After successfully sending the invoice from Tradify, you can add the ABN number back to your customer's file in MYOB.

By following these steps, you can address the ABN mismatch issue and ensure that your records in both MYOB and Tradify are in alignment. This helps maintain accurate and consistent information between the two platforms.

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