Change Quote Layout

Once you have added your line items:

(1) Hover to the left of any item and click on the three dots that appear to drag and drop line items to change their order.


(2) You can display your items in sections, which you can make optional if you wish to allow your customer to choose between alternatives in a quote.


To group your items, hover to the right of the item so the menu appears and either click:

  • Add to Section - to group items for display purposes; or
  • Add to Optional Section - group items, but make the section optional so the quote can be selected with or without the group.


Give your section a title and description, then click Ok.

You’ll now see the line item in a section. If you want to go back and change its details, or whether it is optional, just click the title, make your changes in the popup and click Ok.  


You can drag or drop line items between sections if you need.


(3) To change which columns show on the screen, select the columns you want on the drop down.  These will not change what shows on the quote to the customer, only what you see when entering information.


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